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Botox By The Unit:

$300 for 10 Units

$350 for 20 Units

$400 for 30 Units

$450 for 40 Units

$500 for 50 Units

$550 for 60 Units.

Botox By The Area:

$325 for Frown Lines (16 Units)

$375 for Crows Feet (24 Units)

$425 for Forehead for Women (32 Units)

$450 for Forehead for Men (40 Units)


Restylane LYFT: $750/syringe. Lyft is used for temples, mid-face, cheeks, smile lines.

Restylane SILK: $750/syringe. Silk is used for lips, crow’s feet, forehead, neck, eyelid, tear troughs.

Restylane DEFYNE: $800/syringe. Defyne is used for moderate smile (marionette) lines.

Restylane KYSSE: $800/syringe. Kysse is used for lips, smile (marionette) lines.

Restylane REFYNE: $800/syringe. Refyne is used for fine lines and mild smile (marionette) lines.

Facial PRP Injections and Microneedling: $800 for creating platelet rich plasma from your blood draw. Injecting the PRP into treatment areas of your face and then microneedling PRP into your skin.

PRP Hair Restoration: $800 for creating platelet rich plasma from your blood draw and using the PRP on your scalp for hair restoration. $2750 for four sessions. Four sessions in three months is the suggested initial treatment plan for best results. 

Consulation Fee: $100/15 minute consulation.

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